Mandi Levanah - BRIDGING THE GAP

Australian make up artist and manicurist Mandi Levanah is paving the way for industry newcomers by bridging the gap for graduate makeup artists through her workshops and recruitment programs - a first ever in Australia.

After working with Rae Morris (L'Oreal Paris Make-up Director) as a make-up assistant for 2 years from 2001, Mandi has emerged as a make up artist and manicurist in her own right, working with the likes of Rihanna, Pink, Kelly Rowland, Delta Goodrem, Miranda Kerr, The Pussycat Dolls and Natalie Bassingthwaighte. The experience that Mandi has gained over the last nine years, as both an assistant and lead make-up artist, has allowed her to identify the key insights that every new make-up artist should know.

Mandi's workshops have been carefully constructed to prepare new makeup artists entering the industry, learning what is required of them as an assistant on set, as well as tips on how to forge a successful freelance career and break into the industry. Her other workshops are also aimed at experienced makeup artists who want to expand or refresh their skills, or change career direction.

"Traditional make-up courses focus on how to actually apply make-up and the associated products and techniques. My workshops build on this training, but focuses on the knowledge and steps required to enter the fashion and entertainment side of the business. Participants explore the practical side of assisting a make-up artist, including basic skills such as identifying exactly what your role will include, and how to start your freelancing career." She comments.

Upon completion of the course, top students are given the chance to engage with leading industry professionals such as Rae Morris who offers the opportunity to assist her. Also, top Sydney agencies are now seeking out Mandi's participants, identifying the need for assistants at the top of their game, with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.

"The workshops that Mandi runs are unparallel to any which currently exists in the Australian industry. It really bridges the gap for make up assistants and gives them the knowledge and skills to go into such a volatile and competitive industry with confidence." States Rae.

The workshops are only the start of this venture as Mandi has big plans for make up assistants within Australia. "I think there is a market in helping assistants get off the ground and I am going to put my all into that! Watch this space."

To book your place in the next workshops, or to book a private lesson with Mandi, please email